Welcome to the Creston Valley! Creston is situated in the beautiful Kootenay region of south eastern British Columbia. More moderate in climate than its neighbouring Kootenay communities, the Creston Valley is noted for its agricultural abundance. Creston is nestled between the U.S. – Canada border to the south and Kootenay Lake to the north. Kootenay Pass, the highest year round highway pass in Canada flanks the valley’s western border. Along with agriculture; forestry and tourism play predominant roles in the local economy. The valley is a haven for retirees spawning a significant human services sector. Columbia Brewery, maker of world famous Kokanee Beer, is another of the major employers in the area.

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Local websites
Town of Creston
Chamber Valley Chamber of Commerce
I Love Creston
Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area
Creston Museum
College of the Rockies
Kootenay Pass Webcam
Map of Creston
Creston Public Library
Creston Recreational Complex
Fruit Ripening Dates
Kootenay Lake Ferry Schedule
Century 21
Creston Valley Reality
ReMax Real Estate

 Local events

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