KES has certified assessment personnel on-site and use a wide variety of assessment tools. Assessments can be a valuable part of the self-discovery process. They help to hone in on a career choice, determine if small business is right for you, or show you where your essential skills, strengths and weaknesses are. Assessments help you discover the learning environment that you need to be successful and how your values can impact your work life.


Interpersonal assessments can help you become more effective in things like stress management, teamworking, communication and anger management. If you’re considering a career in the service industry Customer Care Pro could be useful. Level one Myers-Briggs Type Indicator will show how your natural preferences impact your career choice, your ability to handle life circumstances, your organizational abilities, and your decision-making processes. Level two helps you gain a more in-depth understanding of each of the preference dichotomies and how they affect your life. Employers can enhance their team’s performance through our interactive group assessments and activities.

If your needs are more specialized KES can refer you to other assessment professionals in our area. Things like prior learning and occupational ability (after an injury) assessments can be done right here in Creston. If your needs are more complex, perhaps disability-related, we can refer you to specialists in Nelson and Cranbrook. Ask to see an employment counsellor to find out more.

Self assessment can be another valuable tool on your journey to employment. The following links are just a few of the many self assessments available on the Internet. You may find it helpful to consult an employment counsellor at KES to review your results or request further evaluation and assessment.


Entrepreneurial Potential Self-Assessment:
Learning Style Self-Assessment:
Career Navigator Quizzes:
Essential Skills Testing:
Career Compass: