About Us

Bringing together employment, business and community.

At our core, KES is an organization about people. We work with job seekers, employers, community partners and funders to cultivate genuine and collaborative relationships that support our belief that everyone has the right to meaningful employment.

If you are looking for work, considering a career change, investigating retraining or thinking of starting your own business, KES has something for you. Our professional staff are available to help you to develop an action plan to get you where you want to go. We have the latest information on funding for education and small business starts. We also conduct specialized employment programs for various groups of people. Whether you are interested in employment, business, or our community, KES is here to help. 

*All services based on eligibility requirements.

Mission statement
To contribute to the ongoing growth and integrity of community by providing dynamic employment and community development services.

We believe that everyone has the right to meaningful employment and that employed citizens build healthy communities. We further believe that locally driven community development produces economic and social benefits that are relevant and sustainable.

Our Values

  • We Value job seekers and are committed to their success by providing access, support and guidance.
  • We Value respect for others and for ourselves, and show that by being truthful, ethical and trusting.
  • We Value a safe, healthy, caring, supportive and enjoyable environment that includes honouring diversity, social equality and a balanced lifestyle.
  • We Value innovation and support risk taking.
  • We Value quality and excellence in employment, education, training and supportive services and deliver them in a relevant, flexible and adaptive way using appropriate technologies.
  • We Value professionalism that is characterized by expertise, integrity, self-evaluation and personal/professional development.
  • We Value personal, professional and fiscal accountability, supported by ongoing evaluation.
  • We Value teamwork, cooperation, collaboration, consultation and support.
  • We Value recognition of the efforts and contributions from clients and staff.
  • We Value open, honest and complete communication both internally and externally.

“KES offers so much more to this community than the basic services the government requires. KES provides hope to those when they are most desperate and their track record of success has helped the community in ways that are immeasurable.”
-Sharon Popoff, Former Principal, Prince Charles Secondary School

KES is an inclusive employer and encourages the hiring of  individuals who are current or recent recipients of assistance under the Employment and Assistance Act or Employment Assistance for Persons with Disabilities Act.