East Shore

Photo by Daniel Senguin

The east shore of Kootenay lake is home to the communities of Riondel, Kootenay Bay, Crawford Bay, Gray Creek, Boswell, and Kuskonook.

Kootenay Employment Services offers ongoing support to these communities, including providing employment counselling staff who travel once a month to meet with residents. Click here for our employment days poster.

Riondel is home to about 400 people of all ages. It is a tidy village with well tended gardens, a marina, lakeshore campground, beach, community center, cable TV system, Riondel Golf Club’s 9-hole golf course and post office, grocery and liquor store.

Kootenay Bay is an unincorporated community, ferry landing and former steamboat landing on the east side of Kootenay Lake, located on the bay of the same name. The ferry, operated by BC Ferries, crosses the lake to Balfour, and forms a link in BC Highway 3A, which leads west from Balfour to nearby Nelson and from Kootenay Bay, leads south to Creston. Kootenay Bay offers hospitality to the traveling public, and is home to about 100 people.

Crawford Bay is a community of approximately 300 people, situated in the Purcell mountain range on the eastern shore of Kootenay Lake in the Southern Interior of British Columbia. The community is located on Highyway 3A, 76 kilometres by road north of Creston and 48 kilometres by road and ferry northeast across Kootenay Lake from Nelson. Crawford bay visitors love to tour the unique artisan’s shops where blacksmithing, weaving, broom-making, copper enamelling, pottery, jewellery, leather and wood work can be seen in action. Services include the Nelson & District Credit Union, the East Shore Health Clinic, Community Park, and the Crawford Bay School. There are also two pubs, restaurants, real estate and the Crawford Bay Market.  Crawford Bay has a beautiful sandy beach and marina.

The community of Gray Creek, at the mouth of Crawford Bay, stretches for approximately 6 km and its features include a campground as well as the Gray Creek Hall, a log building built in 1911, is still used by the community.

Boswell has evolved into a quiet retirement community that stretches along the lake. Due to the nearness of the water, Boswell enjoys a mild climate and small population. Boswell is a quiet welcoming home for those who want peace and tranquility. There are several places to launch your boat, like the Kuskanook Harbour.

Photo by Daniel Senquin