Financial Programs

Since 2001, KES has made a priority of promoting financial literacy skills development in our community. Financial literacy affects all aspects of our lives and strong skills in this area can make a substantial difference in our community’s wellbeing. To that end we have developed three programs:

MoneyWi$e is a financial literacy program developed by KES to teach effective money management skills to adult learners. A series of eight workshops cover key financial principles such as:

– handling credit effectivelydollarbills
– banking
– record keeping
– finding ways to save
– goal setting
– overcoming debt
– communicating about money
– budgeting
– wise spending choices
– investing and asset-building

MoneyWi$e is free-of-charge but the potential benefits are priceless!

ADAPT is a program that helps low-income Creston Valley residents to obtain personal assets through matched savings. To be considered for ADAPT you must successfully complete the MoneyWi$e program. Once accepted, participants make monthly deposits into a designated bank account at the Creston & District Credit Union and KES matches those savings at a rate of $3 to every $1 deposited. Once the savings goal is reached (this is agreed upon beforehand with a KES counselor) the purchase is made. Funds can be used for post secondary education, starting a business or purchasing a home. The savings period can be a short as six months and as long as three years. Participants can amass up to $10,800!

Household Size 2013 Income Limit
1 $18,118
2 $22,053
3 $27,457
4 $34,257
5 $39,009
6 $43,262
7 $47,516

You may be eligible if you:

-are at least 19 years old
-are a resident of the Creston Valley
-have a social insurance number
-have experienced difficulty managing your finances
-have minimal savings and assets
-have a before-tax, household income that falls below the figures in the table:

Intake is continuous.

“My daughter took the Money$mart program that KES offered at the high school. The tools she learned allowed her to manage her money well enough so that she was able to already save a significant amount towards her career training while working part time at a minimum wages job. She has commented that if it had not been for that program her money would have disappeared without her having much to show for it. My feeling was that the money invested in this program had the most valuable return of any spent on her high school education. Managing money is one of the most important skills high school students could pick up, and this will pay dividends for the province in the future.”

-Dr. Robert M. McLeod, B.Sc., DVM

“I have learned many valuable skills, both personal and financial through my involvement in the MoneyWi$e and ADAPT programs offered through KES. To those who may not fully realize the value of goal setting, budgeting and financial planning I would attest that if you truly wish to get ahead in life it helps to learn all you can and get the lay of the land. As for myself, thanks to the support and financial advice I received through both the Money Wi$e and ADAPT programs, I was granted the chance to partake of the culinary arts course at the COTR, and get my start on a successful career path without the extra headache. Thanks again!”

-Brandon Buchholz, MoneyWi$e graduate and ADAPT participant