KES – More Than Just Jobs

Advance Newspaper Article, February 24, 2011

Kootenay Employment Services promotes a wide array of funding programs for employers and job seekers in the Creston Valley area. These programs assist each party by providing wage subsidies, certificate training, and employability skills training. Use of these programs and services can significantly alleviate some of the financial pressures caused by fluctuations in the global economy and therefore benefit both employers and job seekers by creating a vibrant and strong local economy.

Eligibility for these programs can depend on many different factors, such as previous work experience, EI status, age and other determining issues. KES is continuously looking for new participants for the next program intake. Some programs occur only once a year while others may run two or three times per year, depending on local labor market demand. Employment counselling is available to everyone in the area and can provide individuals with an understanding of the different programs or certifications available to best suit their employment and financial goals.

Through these programs, employers will have a steady stream of job seekers who have completed in-depth employment training programs and are eligible for wage subsidies. The purpose of the wage subsidies is to cover the costs of training new employees, therefore reducing costs to employers. Currently, there are 22 individuals completing employment programs who will be eligible for wage subsidies starting March 5.

Funding options, grants, programs and eligibility criteria may change at times, so it may be difficult for employers and job seekers to keep up with the changes. Here at KES, we keep up-to-date with employment and financial programs. This benefits our unique communities by simplifying options for employers and job seekers to find what works for them. A great new addition to our services is a monthly email to employers to let them know what funding is available to them. To sign up, visit or call Kootenay Employment Services.

KES offers many free services to job seekers, including use of fax machines and printers, Internet access, computers for EI filing and reporting, cover letter and resume assistance, employment and career counseling, job board for Creston and surrounding areas, and much more.  There is always a supply of local, provincial and federal brochures and pamphlets to keep residents up to date on services, events and training options through the local college and other businesses.