LEAP! 2016 – Aaron Carter

LEAP! Participant Profile

Name: Aaron Carter

Business: On The Farm Welding

Description: Custom Metal Fabrication and Welding Business.

Location: 4375 36th Street, Canyon BC

Website: facebook.com/OnTheFarmWelding

Business Q&A

Q.Why did you start this business? 

I Started this business because I love my trade and wanted to work on a personal level with my customers, also all the great support I received from leap to keep perusing my goal keeps me motivated to this day.


Q. What are your products/services?

Custom Metal Fabrication, Welding, Rentable Products (Cattle Squeeze & Head gate, Wood Processor).  Excellent quality of work with personalized service.

Q. Where can we buy your products/services?

At the shop.  Also onsite welding is available. Call 250.402.3248

Q. Tell us about your business now compared to when you started. 

My business now compared to then is a lot smoother operating. I’ve learned some valuable lessons early on that I have now corrected. The most noticeable difference is how quickly and effectively I can finish projects .


Q. Why did you join LEAP!?

To learn how to potentially launch a business idea.

Q. What was the benefit of attending LEAP?

I learned how to successfully assess a business idea and how to test if that idea will be successful in the real world.

Q. What awards and/or grants did you receive at the Barnraiser? And how did you spend your earnings?

I earned $800 from the vote at the event from proceeds from the ticket sales. I also was awarded $1000 grant from RDCK Area B, a membership with the Chamber of Commerce, and a Community Futures workshop package with a $250 gift certificate. I have only spent $50 so far on new Business cards. I am saving the rest of the money towards a new welder generator.

Q. How did working with other LEAP! participants affect you as an entrepreneur and impact your business start-up? 

It helped a lot to have like minded entrepreneurs around to brainstorm new ideas and give information from a view you might not have thought of. Also you don’t feel alone trying to figure everything out and it definitely helped when participants become customers and friends.

Q. Do you have any advice for someone starting out? 

Encouragement:  It may seem unimportant but it is not, keep moving ahead and you will see why.

Q. What can the community do to support your business now?

The community can help by continuing to supporting my business like they have been. If I were to ask for anything, it would still be with help towards the welder generator I’ve been working toward.

Q. Any additional insights to share?

Some awesome news for me is…I am finally a registered apprentice and I am half way done my hours towards my red seal.