ENCORE is for 55+ unemployed or underemployed people living in Creston, Cranbrook, Fernie, Invermere and surrounding areas.

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Experienced elderly carpenter in protective goggles and earmuffs cutting wooden planks with circular saw

More people than ever are working past traditional retirement years and are changing jobs to support their goals later in life.

Encore is a 16 week program designed to support this season of transition. Now is the perfect time to work on bolstering your skills! This will make you an even better candidate when the job market picks up again.

Four weeks of virtual in-class training led by a facilitator over Zoom, five days a week. Plus, you are paid a living allowance! That’s right, participants get paid while they learn!

Allocated time to review your skills and strengths: Assess and develop computer skills and learn office software, explore how to market yourself or an idea, evaluate upgrading and skills training courses, research and meet employers.

This is followed by 8 weeks of supported employment or skills training certification. Options include a short-term course to certify you for skill in your desired job or on-the-job training with a dedicated employer.

Elderly woman making video call on laptop in kitchen
  • Seeking employment and aged 55+
  • Unemployed or Precariously Employed.
  • Computing device with camera, microphone and speakers
  • Reliable internet access
  • Access to printing (optional)


Computing equipment lending is available to participants.

  • developing general job-searching skills and local labour market knowledge 
  • developing self-awareness and training in skills for employment 
  • training in essential and occupational digital technology skills
  • honing and finalizing individualized skills training for employment plans 
  • Living allowance paid for classroom attendance, during 4 weeks workshops, when eligible 
  • Post-workshop weekly job club to support meeting employment goals 
  • Independent study, participating in occupational and short-term skills training (or a combination) which has been tailored to equip with in-demand skills for employment. 
  • Employment seeking, with job finding assistance and support.
  • Self-employment, self-employment assessment, with individualized needs and supports identified and accessed. These could include one-to-one coaching, topical workshops and community resources. 

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Enter your details and a member of staff will be in touch shortly, or you can speak to us via our live chat.

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