Self Employment

KES is a keen supporter of small business in our community. We know that creating your own job  is sometimes the best way to secure meaningful employment. We also know how important small business is to our local economy. Because our small business programming options are always changing, we ask that you request an appointment with one of our employment counsellors to see if there’s an option that’s right for you. The Employment Program of BC also provides many useful services including employment counseling to assist people to find work, change jobs, acquire training and start businesses. Mature job seekers can also apply for the Targeted Initiative for Older Workers program.

Small Business Links
Community Futures – Small Business Assistance
Entrepreneurial Assessment
BC Small Business Information
Canadian Business Information
Business Development Bank of Canada
Business Plan Template
Kootenay Aboriginal Business Development Agency
BC Business Registry
BC Government Site for Business Assistance

“Trying to sort through government rules and regulations is a very daunting process for someone trying to start a business. KES was a real lifeline to help me get through those challenges.”
– Charlene Rast