Staff Directory

KES is an excellent place to work. We are an inclusive employer; we value a safe, healthy, caring, supportive and enjoyable environment that includes honouring diversity, social equality and a balanced lifestyle. KES encourages the hiring of  individuals who are current or recent recipients of assistance under the Employment and Assistance Act or Employment Assistance for Persons with Disabilities Act.

Staff can be reached by calling KES at 250-428-5655 and dialing their individual extensions as listed below under their names. To reach the Executive Director please dial the reception by pressing 0 (zero) at the prompt.

KES Board of Directors

Ann Deatherage, Lorne Mann, Peter Searle, Alison Masters, Alex Nilsson, Alana Garrett, Justine Keirn, Scott Cobbe, Jen Comer, and Ron World

Creston Office Staff

Hugh Grant
Executive Director
ext. 0
Eileen Delman
Employment Program Manager
ext. 0
Londa Morris
Client Services Supervisor
Currently on Leave
Cherine Klassen
Financial Manager
ext. 430
Marie Park
Data Quality Specialist
ext. 413
Judy Salzmann
Financial Technician
ext. 410
Mallory Simon
Interim Client Services Supervisor
ext. 416
Darla Dyer
Job Developer
ext. 431
Monique Arès
Interim Program Coordinator and Intake Counsellor
ext. 407
Renee Bayley
Customized Employment Specialist
ext. 428
Sara Van Ry
Employment Counsellor/Facilitator
ext. 409
Jennifer Dayton
Employment Counsellor/Facilitator
ext. 405
Alex Johnston
Employment Counsellor/Facilitator
ext. 421
Kirsten Dunbar
Employment Counsellor/Facilitator
ext. 427
Callum Catto
Employment Counsellor/Facilitator
ext. 423
Amber McGregor
Employer Relations Liaison
LEAP! Coordinator

ext. 426
Laura Francis
Development Services Facilitator
ext. 412
Chantelle Morin
Administrative Clerk
ext. 403
Erin Faulks
Administrative Clerk
ext. 408
Peter Wishlow
Administrative Clerk
ext. 402
Warren Bruns
Marketing Coordinator
ext. 414
Brandy Dyer
Marketing Support / Facilitator
ext. 406
Community Development Staff
Laura Heykamp
Economic Action Partnership Office Assistant
Currently on Leave
Elizabeth Quinn
Fields Forward Strategic Planner and Economic Action Partnership Coordinator
ext. 425
Darby Marcellus
Food Venture Collaborative Manager
ext. 433
Invermere Branch Office Staff
Eden Yesh
Branch Manager
ext. 401
Teryl Hemmelgarn
Administrative Clerk
ext. 417