Training Fee Support Program

Columbia Basin Trust’s Training Fee Support Program

Earlier this month Columbia Basin Trust announced a new bursary limit of up to $7,500 through its Training Fee Support program for training that leads to specialized, high demand jobs.

If you need short-term training or certification to increase your chances of getting a job, Columbia Basin Trust’s Training Fee Support Program provides two bursaries:

  • $800 to go toward tuition for a short-term course that helps individual secure immediate employment.
  • 75 per cent of the training costs, up to $7,500 to go toward costs for specialized training where there is an identified skills shortage and high labour demand in the Columbia Basin. The following have been identified as the eligible specialized skills training areas:
    • Class 1 Driver
    • Heavy Equipment Operator
    • Prep Cook
    • Programming and Coding
    • Office/Business Administration
    • Forestry Work
    • Health Care Clerk
    • Security Guard/Officer
    • Construction Certification
    • Adventure Tourism Certification

Both programs accept applications year-round.

Intake is continuous.

See CBT’s website  for more details.