Cover Letter and Resume Builders


Please be aware that these applications are not saving your progress as you complete them. If the screen is refreshed (the one you are currently looking at) you are going to lose progress. Additionally, make sure that before you submit the form that you are connected to the internet. If your device is not connected, progress may be lost. Each of these builders typically take between 15-45 minutes to complete. Make sure you have time set aside to complete the full application. Also ensure that you have your personal information available and ready to fill out these builders. Some examples of information that will be requested are as follows:

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • The business's name
  • Hiring manager's name
  • How you found the job posting
  • Qualifications and Certificate Information

When you choose one of the builders you will be met with a series of prompts. Some of these prompts will be similar to "what is your first name?" or "what is the hiring manager's name?". Please fill these out to the best of your ability, if you don't know the answer to a prompt, put a placeholder instead to remind yourself later. For example, if you do not know who the hiring manager is, put "Hiring Manager" in the spot designated for it. If this space is left blank, the space in the document will also be left blank.
Please note that this document is kept for 24hrs and then removed from our servers. Thank you.