At KES our goal is to help anyone of any ability achieve their employment goals, and assist businesses in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all staff.

Hiring a Person with a Disability

Kootenay Employment Services can assist by providing:

  • Job matching services – we match the person to the right job
  • A comprehensive analysis of tasks performed in certain employment positions
  • Assistance in training an employee with a disability by providing job coaching and monitoring

Accommodations that you may need to utilize including:

  • Adjusted work schedule to accommodate family and other responsibilities
  • Ergonomic work stations, keyboards and trays
  • Ergonomic chairs specific to each employee
  • Assistive technology eg. Book holder, large print resources, voice activated Software
  • Modifications to the workplace eg. Wheelchair ramps

Myths surrounding hiring someone with a disability.

Studies have shown that persons with disabilities are not absent any more than other employees, and in some cases, have a lower absenteeism rate.

 57% of employers spend nothing on workplace adaptions. Most workplace adaptations are low- or no cost.

The most frequently require workplace adaptations are:
– Flexible work schedules, such as modified or reduced hours
– Modified or different duties
– Special char or back support

KES can often help cover the costs of modifying the workplace if an employee requires support to be put in place.

Only 10.5 percent of persons with disabilities have mobility-related disabilities. 

Statistics show that persons with a disability have the same or sometimes higher retention rates, saving millions of dollars each year in recruitment and training costs.

Studies show that employees with disabilities rate very high for workplace safety.

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