Workplace Culture and Your Employees

If you want to keep great employees and attract new ones, especially in a competitive job market, focusing on a positive workplace culture is essential.

The primary challenge that employers often face lies in attracting the right candidates. This could be due to the overall job market conditions, but how you write your job ad plays a crucial role too.

To begin, let’s explore the two main things that employees value in workplace culture!

1. Supportive Environment and Leadership:

Employees value a workplace where they feel supported by their colleagues and leaders. Research shows that bad leadership is often why people leave their jobs.

Building strong, positive relationships at work is something everyone can contribute to, regardless of their position. By showing compassion, empathy, and positivity, we can create a supportive environment.

2. Flexibility and Autonomy:

Employees value a healthy work-life balance. Flexible working hours are highly appreciated because they show trust and can boost motivation and productivity. Instead of feeling watched or micromanaged, employees feel trusted when they have flexible work options.

So, how can you create a workplace culture that employees want?

  • Practice What You Preach: Creating a positive culture is more than just a checklist item. It’s about putting your words into action and focusing on meaningful changes.
  • Change the Culture from the Top Down: Leaders play a key role in shaping workplace culture. For real change, the leadership team must embrace change and vulnerability.
  • Set Clear Goals and Visions: Define what a positive workplace culture looks like for your organization. Be clear about your goals and values, and ensure they are reflected in every aspect of your workplace, including hiring new employees.

In summary, a thriving workplace culture is crucial. By emphasizing flexibility and supportive leadership, you can create an environment where people want to work. This not only makes your current employees happy but also helps attract and retain the talent your business needs to succeed.

Here’s some additional resources on workplace culture!

Great Place to Work is an agency that supports businesses and employees alike by conducting yearly surveys that are provided to staff to fill out (anonymously) about their workplaces. If a business receives Great Place to Work Certification (KES has this certification), they receive a badge to be recognized as an outstanding place to work. In their article, Great Place to Work describes how company culture can impact employees and their performance at work.

Workhuman is a business-culture focused agency that aims to support employers with their staff, and create a space where people feel valued in their work. Their article emphasizes the importance of workplace culture, and provides detailed descriptions and examples.

Ending Poverty Together is a Canadian company comprised of various collaborators, all with the same goal of addressing poverty. In their article, they provide their top 10 tips for navigating Canadian workplace cultures, with descriptions and examples in each.

Indeed is a job seeker’s website with job postings from across the world. Their article outlines the details, definitions, and suggestions for workplace culture.